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 2008 (1)

Stopher WongWelcome everyone!

Wow, it has been 2 year since I started blogging and I must say, I enjoy it.

When I started, I wanted a page that was separate from the rest of the website ( but had no idea where to start. Now I KNOW, there is really no right or wrong. It is just my opinions and observations of the industry.

I hope that people find the stories interesting and maybe even helpful. I thank all of you who have sent me emails and story links. If you wish to contribute, I welcome your comments and ideas or stories.

My latest project in technology is a website name "Twitter". We have figured a way for interliners to get the latest and greatest interline discounts information as fast as possible. If you become a member of Twitter, you can start following's postings. As we stumble across extra special non-rev rates, We will post them. And you will get a text or email instantly. (if you do not get unlimited text, you might not want to do the text thing) This should reduce the lag time and also the possibility of the interline discounted rate being sold out. I think it is a great idea. We will try this out for a while and keep us posted what you think.

So there you have it, our interline blog

Thanks for visiting our Blog and start following us on Twitter.

Until next time,  Happy blogging and now Twittering !

Stopher Wong
Interline Blog
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