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55 yrs & Loving it

Flying too Long....

Once Upon a Flight

Flying too Long When

Another list submitted by a fellow flight attendant
To bookend with the list for wannabe f/a's, here another list entitled

"you know you've been flying too long when..."

1. You can sleep sitting upright in a chair--any chair, anywhere.

2. You can eat a four course meal standing at the counter in the kitchen.

3. You look for the "crew line" at the grocery store.

4. You can actually enjoy a crew meal eaten on the jump seat right next to the lavs-which are in constant use.

5. You only tell time in Zulu time.

6. You can follow the plot line of a movie without hearing the audio.

7. You don't think in "months" but in "bid" periods

8. The power goes out in your hotel room, but you know the layout so well you don't bump into anything.

9. USA Today is your local paper and finally you know you've been flying too long when I mention Diet Coke over ice and you "know" what I'm taking about.